Call from Wadi Ara Mayors and Givat Haviva

Heads of Local authorities from Wadi Ara in a call to the public: In these difficult days, we, heads of local authorities in the Wadi Ara region, together with Givat Haviva, find that it is appropriate to turn to the residents living in this area and to call upon them to maintain a peaceful fabric of life.  Over the past few weeks we have witnessed acts that may harm our long term efforts to promote equality and civic and economic partnership in our region. We believe that violence and racism are not the solution. It is important to maintain restraint, not to follow any rumor, and to seek ways to strengthen the solidarity that exists between the different communities in our area. Over the last decade we have worked very hard to create the basis for a joint and secure life for all the residents of this region. Our region is an example of a region where common economic and commercial life exists, where educational activities, communal activities and social and cultural activities take place together and so forth. We shall continue to live here together in the future, and our good neighborly relations will form the basis for security and prosperity for us all. We call and plead to the residents to not let violence overcome. All the best, Jewish and Arab mayors of Wadi Ara:
·         Haim Ga'ash – Head of Pardes Hanah Karkur Local Council
·         Hassan Athmana – Head of Kfar Qara Local Council
·         Ilan Sadeh – Head of Menashe Regional Council
·         Mursi Abu Much – Mayor of Baqa El Gharbiya
·         Itzik Holbeski – Head of Megido Regional Council
·         Mustafa Aghbariya – Head of Maale Iron Local Council
·         Raed Kabha – Head of BASMA Local Council, Givat Haviva Management
·         Itamar Shwika – Director of Havatzelet
·         Yaniv Sagi – Director of Givat Haviva
·         Riad Kabha – Director of the Jewish Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva


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