Duma at the West Bank

Today was a terrible day.
Jews burned a family of four Palestinians in the village of Duma in the West Bank .
A baby was murdered; his parents and brother have been burned and are fighting for their lives.
I arrived at the village after the end of the funeral as part of a delegation from the Meretz Party led by MK Eswai Freij.
We couldn't see the family because the Palestinians were afraid that it was too risky to have Jewish Israelis at that time. Instead we met the governor of the Palestinian Nablus Region, in which Duma is located.
We were there in solidarity and to express our shame and rage at Jewish terrorism. The Palestinian governor thanked us for coming. He spoke about Jews being burned by Nazis in the Holocaust and now entering this village to burn Palestinians.
He denounced acts of terror perpetrated by both sides and spoke about his expectations for change from Israeli society. MK Friej introduced me to the governor as the head of Givat Haviva, which is working very hard to create a Shared and Equal Society in Israel for Arabs and Jews alike. When I spoke, I also represented you, our friends and supporters. I thought about your disgrace and rage and felt the need to bring your voice.
This is what I said: I come here today as a Jew and as an Israeli. I come in shame for the acts done by members of our people. What they have done is anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli.
They do not represent the Jewish people. I speak to you and ask you to carry the message to the family and the village.
 I want you to know that I represent here the voice of many, many people from the Jewish world, both in Israel and abroad, the voice of many Israelis and people in the world who care about Israel. We will neither accept nor tolerate Jewish terrorism.
We stand with you.
He replied and said that these are very important words that need to be heard by the village and that he will try to organize an opportunity for a visit within the next 48 hours.


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