Yossi Sarid

Together with all those who love this country, the peace camp, and Givat Haviva, I mourn the passing of Yossi Sarid, who was a partner in the struggle for the soul and the character of the State of Israel.
I knew Yossi when he was Minister of Education, and I never forgot the attention and encouragement he gave me in my position as head of the National Council of Youth Movements and general secretary of HaShomer HaTzair.
Yossi was the clear voice of the Left and the Peace Camp, a voice that was sharp as a knife and was unwilling to remain silent in the face of any injustice in the one country that he knew and loved, always loyal to his belief that one should demand more from what he loves most.
Yossi was a politician, but first and foremost an educator who believed in education as the key to shaping the character of Israeli society. This was the aim of his actions and writings, and the source of his support for Givat Haviva’s activities in his various positions in politics and the public sphere.
We at Givat Haviva will remember his vision and continue to work according to its inspiration, for the sake of an equal society: shared by all its members and sectors, pursuing peace and justice, democratic, and pure in thought and deed.
His untimely death marks the loss of a pathbreaker who never tired of striving for “Tikkun Olam” – striving for the betterment of the world and mankind. We will derive comfort from his actions and his ways.

Yaniv Sagee

Executive Director, Givat Haviva


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